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Claire C. Johnson

Claire Johnson is a mixed media artist who loves color, individual expression, and fun! She enjoys many different mediums including resin, paint, metal leaf, plaster, and glass. She has explored many realms of visual art, starting with drawing and painting, moving into resin artwork and sculpting, then to large scale works like art cars, faux finishes, epoxy floors, and digital renderings. She uses a combination of whimsical motifs, playful characters, and intricate designs to create colorful modern art of many varieties. Her goal as an artist is to express personal creative freedom without boundaries, limitations or hesitation. She's inspired by infinite expansion, unusual environments, and groove factor. When she's not creating artwork, she's spending time in nature, cruising in an art car, or listening to jam and lounge tunes. She's always open to hearing ideas for new projects, collaborating with you, or trying new art forms as a way to learn and grow.  

Kyle Ploppet
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I'm driving the Ploppet art car into the sweet sweet future... who will I see on the streets? I say hello with the new Ploppet art style. I'm blasting everyone with a rooster sound from a funny horn I put under my hood. What's up with that car? Who is this man Ploppet? 

I'm a driver taking us all on vacation, we're heading far far out... to the excellent place. I say let's drive there in style, this ride is all about fun! I want to know how far our minds can stretch...  and I know they stretch further than this pavement! The positive good vibration, the higher ground, the super real, the green light. The art is fuel for chasing all that! Let's go!

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