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The first of the fleet, this jester of the streets is the reason we're named Ploppet Studio! 7 years, a boatload of plaster and thousands of sheets of gold leaf later, the fully customized '97 Cadillac Deville is ready to roll!

Exhibit Spacerider Art Car


Not your mother's sedan! Cyberpunk real life - This Retro Future creation is a space ship themed night rider, fully equipped with thousands of LEDs! Inspired from vintage Japanese comics from the '70s, decked with chrome dome, and enough wood to last you a whole winter! We call this our "speed build", took us around a year to create, and now it's ready to light up the streets! 



No Lack in this Luster! Here are decked out daily drivers with custom metal leafed finishes. The brighter, the better, baby! These eye catching finishes stop traffic and make your ride into an amusement.  We can refinish cars, motorcycles, boats, and regular bikes! If you have an idea for an object you want leafed, we can assist!



A Groove Machine built in the modern age with style from the past! Here's the biggest art car in the fleet, Tricksy was created to be as big as possible, ultra funky and also have useful capabilities! All doors are functional, rooftop has been extended and best of all, the ceiling of this car has a glass top! Funky, Useful, and Gigantic.

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